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48 Hour party music

This my annual call to the KAOS massive to tell me what they want to hear played at the 48.

What I'd like you to do is mention some tracks you'd like to dance to, on the understanding that I'm actually kind of bored playing the same old stuff that I play at every other party and would dearly like to inject some of The New into the mix.

Admittedly, the 48 is one of the two big KAOS Alumni meet ups, and is, perhaps, not the best venue for The New, but it might be nice to play some of the oldies that haven't had much party time in the last couple of years.

So, some ground rules, just to keep things fair and not too redundant:

  1. Assume I'm going to play Nemesis, Farewell to the Crown and Closer. Any other oldie is fair game.
  2. Assume that I'll play Basshunter, Muse and Lady Gaga.
  3. Keep it down to five-ish suggestions. I'm not wading through dozens of songs I don't have, nor making the play list just for you.
  4. If I don't think anyone will dance to it, I'll tell you. Up to you to sell it.
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