Nienna (niennahirilfea) wrote in kaosians,

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Old videos

Random question, would any KAOSian in Christchurch have any use at all for two boxes (wine case size) full of old videos? Perhaps to dismantle for an art project or something?  I've had these sitting at home for years because I don't know what to do with them, and I want them gone. I imagine very few of them are playable now, but some of the slightly more recent tapes might still work, who knows.   The majority are episodes of  The X-Files taped from TV (and mostly labelled with episode names, it was my first real fandom when I was about 15. Lol)  as well as other taped-from-TV stuff.  

Anyway, if you want them, comment and we can sort it out.  It seems a shame just to ditch them when KAOS is so full of creative types. I'm sure there must be something that can be done with dozens of videos (damned if I can think of it though :p)
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