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Travel and such

Hey just letting you all know that I'm planning to go overseas in a couple of months. Probably looking at London to start with, although hopefully not permanantly. I'll keep you updated on that.

On a related note, my room will be available from May/June. My flatmates are awesome, some of you will know them already, it's probably one of the more prominant Kaos flats in Dunedin. Its $75 plus expenses, decent enough to live in, no rugby heads, etc etc.

I have a practically new bedroom suite which I would consider selling as opposed to storing or shipping somewhere if anyone is interested in it. It's a really good bed as I have a multitude of back issues, and the stuff is pretty neat too.

So yeah. :D

I'm totally excited about it and stuff.

If you know anyone looking for a flat........ please get in touch. Dunedin isn't the best place for getting flatmates mid-year.
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