quoth_ravynne (quoth_ravynne) wrote in kaosians,

Anybody- at all- please

Anybody know anyone who has crash space in London?

I'm literally on the verge of walking out of my job tomorrow I'm so pissed off and frustrated with them.

I've had the shittiest two weeks ever and now I'm basically being told I have to move out. I can't even coherently describe the mess my living situation is except that it is deeply entrenched with the job which I am ready to walk out of.

I can pay rent and I'm very clean and nice (well, you know, in the flatmate ways ;-) but I do miss all the crazy Kaos types and having flatmates that I love to bits. I'm even employed for the time being, and if not then I'm a teacher, so I can be within a very short space of time.

In short, an SOS for anything anyone can possible suggest. I need something, and actually I can cope with pretty much anything. It's probably better than what I've got now anyway.

I deleted the bit where I said I was crying in my bed (at work) but it seemed like lying to omit the fact that at this moment I'm essentially an emotional wreck thanks to work. This would probably stop if work and home were separated.
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