Nick Butler (eladrin) wrote in kaosians,
Nick Butler

2010 Christchurch Slave Auction

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Event: The Slave Auction
Starting: 2010-08-06, the Evening of Friday the 6th of August 2010
Ending: 2010-08-07, the Pre-dawn of Saturday the 7th of August 2010
Location: Christchurch, Character Bungalow (15 Richards Ave)
Contacts: The Glorious Dictator

Slaves! Auction! Loud music! Drinking! Surely you know the drill by now...
In order to make the 48hr Party (which now has a confirmed venue!) as mind-blowingly awesome as possible, we're selling you all off. Well, to each other. Lets face it, you and your slave were probably going to getup to all kinds of funny business anyway, so why not help the club out at the same time?

If you want to put yourself up for sale, get in touch with me or any of my 'buro members asap. More specific details will be announced, with predictable pomp and ceremony, at the beginning of the event itself. We're looking to kick off the ceremonies at about 11pm.

Any attempts at appropriate costume will result in "Dictatorial Approval"(TM).
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