Angry Monkey (jwm) wrote in kaosians,
Angry Monkey

Would you like some comics?

I've got a few soft cover comics that are duplicates of things I already own, so I'm getting rid of them on Trade Me:

I've also got a Pelican Case up for auction.

Further more, I have these surplus to requirements things that fit in the ‘make me an offer’ category:

  • Palm III, in it's original box. It still works fine.
  • The Bat, a peculiar chordic keyboard that I never got the hang of using
  • Tcl and the Tk Toolkit — John K. Ousterhout
  • Programming Python — Mark Lutz (O'Reilly)
  • Nuklear Age — Brian Clevinger
  • The Mechanical Mind — Tim Crane
  • Intelligent Leadership — Alistair Mant
  • The Tapestry of Culture — Abraham Rosman, Paula G .Rubel
  • Modern Logic — Graeme Forbes
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