cygnus olor (flysparrowfly) wrote in kaosians,
cygnus olor

The stunt floozy is doing her job too well.

I, the not-so-Christchurchian Floozy, am fairly sure I am living with pod people.
Who may or may not have stolen my bond. Good times.

I would love to reach out my tentacled appendages and make contact with the Dunedinites. I long to talk shit about nothing in particular and drink too much. I pine for nights playing D&D while giggling like a chimpmunk on a sugar high (and the fjords, of course).

Can anyone help me?
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I am also recently moved to Dunedin, and have managed to find some geeks (some of which may or may not be kaosians...)
Around uni people tend to hang out at kaos corner (in the lounge near Refuel and the foodcourt) - people tend to be there between 11 and 2, although if you don't recognise anyone you'll have a hard time figuring which table is which...
In terms of activities, there's a WOD vampire larp every second wednesday and misc rpgs at people's houses at various times of the week. Email OURS (Otago University Roleplaying Scoiety) at to get in on some of that action.
There's an actual kaos group, but honestly they haven't done much in terms of killing rounds or parties so far this year. The party flat is out in South Dunedin, which is way to far for me to bother going. There are a couple of geek flats in NE Valley though.
I'm actually haveing a bday party this weekend, at a geek-friendly flat (although with plenty of non-geeks going along). I can pm you the address - you'll at least be able to meet some people, drink too much, and have some decent conversations :)
Btw - I don't recognise your username but I have been in and out of Chch and know some people there, so we might have acquaintances in common
Thanks for the tips, I guess I'll just show up at uni and lurk until I find people. Drop me a line at aoteapsyche at gmail with the party address, I'd love to come but I'm pretty shit at checking LJ.
I'm Fiona, by the way. Pleased to meet you etc. :D

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I almost never update. You have been warned.
Friending back :)
This sounds legit. You can trust me, I'm a Dictator.
I'm one of the older Kaos people in Dunedin, it's just not that active these days. But people still hang out at kaos cnr a bit. I know (mostly of, more than actually know) one Fiona from chch Kaos... how to identify you...?
She's the gorgeous one. I could give a real description, but it'd probably just make everyone nauseous due to over-smush.